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People Past and Present

Pierre van Paassen, Ethel Waters,
Stephani Cook and Charles Kuralt

All Books In Good Readable Condition
HB=Hardcover PB=Paperback cp=copyright

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Days of Our Years by Pierre van Paassen Days of Our Years by Pierre van Paassen Maps
Autobiography by Pierre van Paassen, HB. copyright 1940, 577 Pages. published by Garden City Pub. Co., Inc., 16th printing revised 1941. Van Paassen was an American journalist, an active non - Jewish supporter of Jewish causes. He was the Bergson Group's main publicist from 1940 - 44. After splitting with Bergson, Van Paassen continued to promote Jewish rescue and Zionist causes. Pierre van Paassen was in Palestine and provides a graphic account of the 1929 pogrom against the Jews of Hebron in his book, Days of Our Years, from which the following comes. Van Paasen shows that the Mufti of Jerusalem was behind the riots and slaughter and accuses the British administration of aiding and abetting the Mufti." Author's signature impressed in front cover. Some wear to the cover edges, light page tanning, no marks. Spine is tight and book is in Very Good Condition for its age. Autobigraphy with first hand information of mid 20th Century tragic historical events.

To Me It's Wonderful by Ethel Waters
Autobiography by Ethel Waters with introduction by Eugenia Price and Joyce Blackburn. 162 pages. HB cp-1972. Harper & Row Publisher's. Some wear to dust jacket but book in Very good+ condition. There are 14 pages of black and white photographs. "This is Ethel Water's joyous biography of how she found her way back home to Jesus after so many years in a spiritual desert. She has always been a dynamic performer. Her one woman shows moved in the rhythms of love-- from Ethel Waters to her audience and back to her. In 1957, a very special year in her spiritual calender, Miss Waters came home to Jesus through Billy Graham and his Team. Always and forever a unique woman, Ethel Waters tells of her new life with wit, honesty and love lacing every page." Wonderful, Collectible Book!

Second Life by Stephani Cook
BY Stephani Cook HB cp=1981; 298 pages. Pub. Simon & Schuster "Powerfully told, SECOND LIFE is not a simple story of remission and recuperation. It is an odyssey of countless new beginnings in which Stephani Cook peels away the layers of guilt, fear and self-deprecation and discovers that death may not be as traumatic as the responsibility for rebuilding her life. This true story of a woman's struggle for self-determination is shattering and provocative in its treatment of the issues that still remain unsolved concerning women in relation to themselves and others. It is a book in which the author shares her own triumphant story of learning to cherish, not mere existence but LIFE. Book with DJ is in Excellent Condition.

Charles Kuralt's America by Charles Kuralt
BY Charles Kuralt HB cp=1995; 279 pages. Pub. G.P. Putnam's Sons N.Y. "Though he retired from CBS News in 1994, he never retired from his wanderings. He takes us to Montana in September and Alaska in June, deep into Cajun country in winter and along the North Carolina mountains in the spring. He explores Charleston and the Florida Keys, the coast of Maine and the deserts of New Mexico, the boundary waters of northern Minnesota and the back roads of Vermont when the oaks and maples turn to crimson and gold. Throughout, his accounts are filled with people, stories and experiences; suffused by a poet's love of language; rich in the spirit and flavor of this infinite and varied land." There are 52 photographs. Book with DJ is in Like New Condition.

A Life On The Road by Charles Kuralt
BY Charles Kuralt, HB cp=1990, 253 pages. Pub. G.P. Putnam's Sons N.Y. "In A Life on the Road, he chronicles his boyhood traveling around North Carolina with his social worker father, and wanting never to come home; his early days writing for newspapers and radio and television news, at a time when nobody even knew what television news was; his promotion at age 23 to CDS News Correspondent, and his adventures for 10 years thereafter, circling the globe from Cuba, Laos, Vietnam and the Congo to Bangkok and Bogata and all the way up to the North Pole. Finally, he writes, he asked his bosses at CBS if he could wander the country and do feature stories." That is what he did while working for CBS for about 27 years. Book has a personal inscription inside front cover. Book contains 37 photographs and with DJ is in Excellent Condition.

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