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Child Care & Parenting
Informative, Devotional, Educational
Vintage & Collectible

All Books In Good Readable Condition
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The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding by La Leche League International
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By La Leche League International, Sixth Revised Edition, printed 1997. 6" by 9" PB, cp=1958. 465 Pages. There are 8 sections and 21 chapters that cover all aspects of child care as well as mother's health and father's influence. Some of the chapter titles are, A TIME TO LEARN, BREASTFEEDING AND WORKING, MEETING FAMILY NEEDS, DISCIPLINE IS LOVING GUIDANCE, PROBLEMS AT THE BEGINNING, ABOUT LA LECHE LEAGUE, etc. Very comprehensive and valuable book for the expectant mother. Book is in Very Good + Condition with no flaws.

Childbirth At Home by Mrs. Marion Sousa
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By Mrs Marion Sousa, size 4" by 7", 211 pages. PB cp=1976. Bantam Edition 1977 Some cover creases, no marks, light page tanning. Book in Very Good Condition. "Everything you need to know to have your baby safely at home in the company of your loved ones. This book is for the large majority of women (over 90%). More of these women ought to realize that there is no law saying that they must have their babies in the hospital. CHILDBIRTH AT HOME is the indispensable guide to the basics of home birth-from prenatal diet and exercise to what you should do when labor takes place. With sound, specific advice on: Home birth without "benefit" of anesthetics. Reducing the high cost of maternity care. Equipment to buy for baby's "birth day". Recruiting experienced medical supervision (doctor or midwife) in case of emergency. Caring for the newborn infant. How to register your baby's birth."The best book yet on home births."-Robert A. Bradley, President, American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth."

Daily Affirmations For Parents by Tian Dayton
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By Tian Dayton M. A, A. M. S. size 4" by 6", 365 pages. PB cp=1992. Health Communication, Inc publisher. No marks or flaws. Book in Very Good + Condition. "How to nurture your children and renew yourself during the ups and downs of parenthood. There is one affirmation for each day of the year. DAILY AFFIRMATIONS offers support from the ups and downs of parenthood, It will guide you through the trials and tribulations, the runny noses, the temper tantrums in the supermarkets and those rebellious teenage years. It will also help you break the chains of addictions and co-dependency through the daily affirmations that address intergenerational issues." " Loving a child doesn't mean giving in to all his whims; to love him is to bring out the best in him, to teach him to love what is difficult."-Nadia Boulanger

How To Raise A Healthy Child by Lendon H. Smith M.D border
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By Lendon H. Smith M.D.. size 6 1/4" by 9 1/4", 390 pages. HB cp=1996. Pub. by M. Evans and Co, N.Y. Former Library book with DJ and Mylar Cover. No marks or flaws. Book in Excellent Condition. "Medical & Nutritional Advice from America's Best-Loved Pediatrician. "This book is the distillation of Dr. Smith's experience dealing with three generations of infants and children. The first half begins with discussion of Preconception, Pregnancy, Delivery, and follows with chapters on the Newborn, Diet for the first few years of life, Growth and development for the First Year, and a chapter on development norms for the years following up to age seven. The second half of the book describes common symptoms, diseases, ailments, allergies and sensitivities. Dr. Smith tells worried parents how to make intelligent guesses, about what may be wrong with their children; what is serious and what action to take. He warns of the effects of antibiotics, immunization, fluoridation, and mercury fillings and gives advice on effective coping with everything from black eyes and bug bites to cystic fibrosis and AIDS. He concludes with a definitive chapter on emergencies, poisonings, accidents and first aid. How to Raise Healthy Children encourages parents to become educated and actively involved in maintaining their children's optimum health. In his words--healthy children who are fun--most of the time--to raise." Valuable book for information and reference.

How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor by Robert Mendelsohn M.D
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By Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.. size 4" by 6 3/4", 283 pages. PB cp=1984. Pub. Ballentine Books, N.Y.. Slight wear to cover. No marks or flaws. Book in Very Good+ Condition. "In this practical and informative guide, Dr. Mendelsohn turns his expertise to his own specialty, maintaining that parents tend to rely too heavily on their pediatricians and that they can take a more active role in determining which ailments require an office visit and which can be dealt with at home. Learn how to treat and diagnose at home..everyday colds and flus..childhood illnesses..strep throat..vision and hearing problems..skin ailments..and everything else you'll need to know about major symptoms. PLUS A complete section on picking the right doctor for your child..Comprehensive guidelines for using time-honored, age-old remedies..All the facts about immunization.. Step-by-step instructions for knowing when you should call a doctor.. Detailed information for coping with accidental injuries. With Dr. Mendelsohn's help, you can trust your instincts." There are 21 chapters in this book with references and index. Excellent information and reference book for parents.

How To Have A Smarter Baby by Dr. Susan Ludington Hoe
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By Dr. Susan Ludington-Hoe with Susan K. Golant. size 4" by 7", 336 pages. PB cp=1985. Pub. Kids II Bantam Books. No marks or flaws. Book in Very Good+ Condition. "Dr. Susan Ludington-Hoe's internationally acclaimed Infant Stimulation Program has shown thousands of parents how to have healthier, happier and smarter babies. In this important book she shares with you the remarkable techniques and learning toys she developed and tested with dramatic results with parents and children. Stressing the development of a close and loving relationship she shows you what to do at every stage during pregnancy, the first days after birth and the crucial first six months. You'll learn how to: plan a pregnancy diet to promote your baby's brain growth, design a nursery that will stimulate mental and physical development, make and/or buy inexpensive toys to accelerate muscular and eye coordination, tailor your program to your infant's needs and much more." This is an important information and reference book for parents who desire to get their babies off to a good start.

Parent's Book Of Toilet Teaching by Joanna Cole
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By Joanna Cole. size 4" by 7", 127 pages. PB cp=1983. Pub. Ballentine Books, N.Y.. Parent's Magazine and Child Care series best seller. Slight wear to cover, light page tanning, No marks or flaws. Book in Very Good Condition. "Take the frustration out of toilet teaching with the first comprehensive guide based on understanding your child's needs first. Toddlers need guidance and approval from adults in order to learn new skills and take steps toward independence. That's why Parent's Magazine calls it teaching-guiding your child when he or she is ready. Sensible and sensitive, this new, easy-to-use book will turn toilet teaching into a natural growing experience. Ten chapters that show you.. How to instill reassuring daily routines..How to ease the transition from diapers to underpants..How to reinforce success and alleviate stress..How to talk to your child about the potty..What to do about bedwetting..and much, much more, including answers to the questions parents frequently ask about toilet teaching." If you have a toddler you probably need this book.


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