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Vintage Postcards and Booklets

Vintage & Collectible

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Gold Fields Miner's Cabin

Gold Fields Miners Cabin click images to enlarge
This 3.5" by 5.5" vintage, souvenir postcard is a color photo of a miner's cabin;in very good condition. No no bends, tears or stains. Printed on back: is A MINER'S CABIN. The first miners to hit the gold fields of the west were a rough bunch of men. Their first sleeping place was a bed roll along-side the diggings. Later tents were set up. Later cabins were built, some were made from bottles, some from the boxes that powder came in, and others from rough-cut boards. When women came to the camps luxuries like lace curtains were seen. Each house had a post or a rail to tie one's horse or more often a burro to. In the 1849 period most of the windows had glass but some had oiled paper and some skins. Some had bunk beds, others wooden platforms. Often cooking was done over an open fire. Baking was done in a skillet or Dutch Oven...M.P. Photo-color by Merle Porter © & Published by Royal Pictures, Colton, California
1 available.

Marshall's Cabin Coloma CA. Marshall's Cabin Coloma CA click images to enlarge #PC2-2 MARSHALL'S CABIN COLOMA CALIFORNIA
This 3.5" by 5.5" vintage, souvenir postcard is a color photo of James Marshall's Cabin. It is in very good condition, no tears or stains. Shadow on back photo is related to camera. Printed on back: MARSHALL'S CABIN "The home of James Marshall at the time he discovered gold in the tail race of Sutter's Mill, on the American River, Coloma, Calif. Highway 49. Color by Darlean Long " Lustrechrome" Reg. U.S. Patent Off. Made only by Tichnor Bros. Inc. Boston, Mass. 02215
1 available.

Tourists at Taos New Mexoco Tourists at Taos New MexIco click images to enlarge #PC2-3 TOURISTS AT TAOS NEW MEXICO
This 3.5" X 5.5" vintage, souvenir postcard is a color photo of Tourists at Taos New Mexico. It is in good condition and has minor wear at corners; no tears or stains. Shadow on back of photo is related to camera. Printed on back.K-67---TOURISTS AT TAOS PUEBLO NEW MEXICO Taos Pueblo New Mexico draws visitors from all walks of life, people come to see the pottery work, basket making, weaving, painting and other Indian arts practiced at the Pueblo. Distributed by Southwest Postcard Co. Bo"_parent" x 685, Albuquerque, N.M. Kodachrome by Barnes & Caplin "Curteichcolor" Reproduction from Kodachrome Original
1 available.

click images to enlarge #PC2 4 TEXAS HOTEL FORT WORTH TEXAS
This 3.5" X.5" vintage postcard is a color photo of Hotel Texas in Ft. Worth, Texas. It is in good condition with slight edge wear; no tears or stains. Written in ink on back is Suite 1333-35. Printed on back is Hotel Texas Fort Worth, Texas "Where the West Begins" Fort Worth's largest and finest, with 500 rooms-500 baths. Radio in every room--TV available. Three fine restaurants. Downtown location, convenient to stores, theatres and garage. Photographed and Published by John A. Stryker, Artist, Western Fotocolor, 4604 E. Lancaster, Forth Worth, Texas "Artistichrome by Western Fotocolor. The slight shadow in the photo is related to the camera.
1 available.

The Westin St. Francis The Westin St. Francis click images to enlarge #PC2-5 THE WESTIN ST. FRANCIS San Francisco
This 3.5" X 5.5" vintage, souvenir postcard is a color photo of The Westin Hotel in San Francisco, CA. It is in very good condition; no tears or stains. Written in faint pencil on the back is 25c Printed on back is a Logo and The Westin St. Francis San Francisco Union Square San Francisco SC 14207 u.s.a. . .
2 available.

Fishermans Grotto Recipe Book Fishermans Grotto Recipe Book Back
Fishermans Grotto Recipe Book Salad Dressing click images to enlarge
This 3.75" X 5" vintage, souvenir Recipe Booklet is in very good condition; no marks, tears or stains. It appears to be printed on light weight photo paper and the quality of the photos and print is very good. There is black print on white paper. The photos and print do not show as well as they should. There are 12 inside pages. There are 5 color photos of the inside of the restaurant and the back cover shows a photo of the outside. There are 2 pages of " Facts About the Wharf." There are Four Recipes and a 2 page map of it's location. The last two inside pages is advertisement. "No 9 Fishermen's Grotto. Three Dining Rooms with a View of the Fishing Fleet and San Francisco. Fireplace Coctail Lounge. Venetian Atmosphere Maintained in the Family Tradition. Owned and Operated by M. Geraldi & Sons; location and 7 digit phone numbers." A very nice souvenir and mini Recipe Booklet.
1 available.

Ozark Mountain Inn
Ozark Mountain InnSOLD click images to enlarge
This 4" X 8.78" vintage, souvenir postcard is a color photo of the Ozark Mountain Inn, Branson, MO. It is in good condition with small bend in lower left corner and slight edge wear; no tears or stains. There is a faint pencil mark on the back of 25c. Printed on back is: Ozark Mountain Inn Highway 76 West/Branson, Missouri 65616 and two telephone numbers. Spend your leisure time enjoying our large indoor pool, sauna, hot tub. Suites available with wet bar and view of the rolling Ozarks. Located in the heart of Branson Entertainment. The shadow in the photo is related to the camera.
0 available.
$4.50 SOLD

Gray Gray Line Tour PostCard Booklet Back
Grant Avenue Chinatown click images to enlarge
This 3.75" X 8.25" vintage, souvenir postcard booklet is a collection of 16 color photo postcards of some of the things that San Franciso is famous for. The booklet is intact. The postcards can be detached from a stub that has the same photo as the card. The back side of the stub has a description of the attached photo and two lines to enter the Adressee, giving you a record of who you sent the postcard to. The detached post card is 3.75" X 5.75. The front and back cover cards have slight edge wear and the back card had a crease, but the 14 inside cards are in very good condition. No tears or stains. See the sample photo of one of the inside cards to see the back which is the same format on all cards. The back of the cards are lighter and sharper than my photo. Some of the photos are the Cable Car, Chinatown, Alcatraz, Financial District, Gateway to Muir Woods Monument, and 11 others.
1 available.

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